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For legal purposes this is not real music … this is a parody.

To be released on Tuesday Feb. 4 with a full remix package for free!

Lets throw a party
Bring the weed
It’s the only toll
Lets get it started
We be chillin

If you rep a city that’s a mile high
Let me see you put yours hands up

I’m super stoned / at the Super Bowl
I’ve got some goals / yo I know I wanna rule the world
Like vinyl in the cue / I’m a prove I’ve got the moves
But first I’ll get
Super stoned / at the Super Bowl
Then get a loan / from the good people at High Times
Build some party domes / that’s why I’m
Getting high all the time / livin’ like the world is mine

Marijuana moguls yep we be buyin up the stadiums
Then we flip them and throw big raves in em
Now you notice me / so give me this moment
This is a hold up / so hold up while I smoke this joint
No joke I was broke too / I fuckin robbed my bank
Now I’m living at the topBecause I never gave up
I always showed up
Now we blowing the fuck up
this volcano’s heating up

It’s a beautiful sight
High times in the spring
At the cannabis cup
Yep, We the new kings
Looking for the nude queens

It’s not the only thing weed can do
I’m gonna prove

Much Love & Good Vibes!

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